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Relationship Enhancement Series

"We loved having Dr. Joe officiate our wedding ceremony this past September. He seamlessly blended our different faith traditions into one beautifully cohesive ceremony, and everyone loved it!!! He was also great to work with in the couple's counseling sessions leading up to our wedding, providing my soon-to-be husband and I with valuable advice and tools for a happy marriage. Can't say enough nice things about him and would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat!"  Elizabeth & Jayme

Oxnard Couple Counseling, Relationship Enhancement Counseling
Ventura Couple  Counseling, and Oxnard premarital counseling
Oxnard Wedding Officiant,Vow Renewal



Private,  Couple, or Group Couple 3-Session Counseling Series;

offered as __1-Day, or __1x/month, or __Overnight/Weekend Retreat:


Are you:

Dating, Considering Getting Married, Engaged or already Married, but want to learn how to make your relationship the best it can be?

As a caring and experienced Ventura Wedding Officiant and Oxnard Wedding Officiant, licensed clergyman, and a Ph.D in Counseling Psychology, trained/certified in couple’s counseling, I am ready to guide pre-married (dating or engaged) and married couples through a 3-Session Series/structured curriculum designed to help prepare for marriage &/or enhance your relationship by:


1) Realistically assessing your relationship;

2) Exploring important topics you might otherwise avoid;

3) Developing communication and conflict resolution skills;

4) Becoming aware of important issues that need to be addressed for developing a thriving marriage that lasts for a lifetime :)


Pre-marriage Counseling:

If you are seriously dating or already an engaged couple seeking counsel while considering or planning your wedding, then kindly contact me, Rev Dr. Joe (text 202-643-7563) or click on the "Contact" tab”. 

Premarital Counseling provided by The Rev. Dr. Joe has been approved by the Prepare-Enrich program. This program allows a seriously dating or already engaged couple to take an approved pre-marriage counseling 3-Session Series where you can learn the skills and acquire the tools you will need for a successful marriage relationship.


Marriage or Re-marriage Counseling:

If you are married, considering marriage or remarriage, I have a 3-Session Series to help you navigate the unique issues associated with marriage and parenting or remarriage, step-parenting, and blended families.



I would be honored to meet with you/work with you regarding your “Couple Checkup” Relationship Assessment online results, should you desire to have my facilitation and counseling expertise. I also offer this “Couple Checkup” Relationship Assessment 3-Session Series as a private couple 1- Day Event or Overnight/Weekend Retreat, or Vow Renewal Retreat  at The Guest Suite .  

It’s a wonderful way to enhance your relationship, celebrate your love, your anniversary, or renew your vows on an intimate, exciting getaway Retreat at The Guest Suite (minimum 2 night/overnight lodging @ additional fee).


The goal of the “Couple Checkup” as Relationship Enhancement is:

1)  Couples will learn how to make a good relationship or marriage even better;

2)  Couples will have a Relationship Enhancement tool they can regularly use to sharpen their skills for growth by enhancing their strengths;

3)  Couples will discover their specific next steps to a stronger relationship.

The Prepare-Enrich Website and Facebook page, as well as The Couple’s Checkup site, are intended to be a continuing resource to you on your relationship journey of building and enriching a strong marriage.  I hope you will take full advantage of these resources :)


Whether you are Dating, Engaged, Married or Remarried The Guest Suite, available for Private 3-Session Series Couple Retreat ( Overnight or 1-Day Retreat), provides a warm, inviting space for your private sessions / enrichment program, training and overnight retreat accommodation.



Although I do not accept medical insurance, your sessions may be eligible for medical deduction both on your taxes and Health Savings or Health Reimbursement Account. HSA, HRA, and FSA plans are employer-funded medical reimbursement plans.

3-Session Counseling Series, __1x/month, or as a __1-Day Event @ $450 for 3-Session Series, includes On-line Relationship Assessment Inventory

Special Overnight/Weekend Rate at The Guest Suite

1. Lodging rate:  $135/per night/couple lodging (2 night minimum; plus 1x cleaning fee: $85).

2. "Special Offer" Overnight Retreat 3-Session Series, @ $375, includes Relational Assessment tool / inventory.

NOTE:  no meals are included; you may bring pre-prepared food for reheating/grilling; local dining-out options included in packet.

Special __Overnight/Weekend Rate/Couple's Retreat or Couple's Checkup:  The Guest Suite

"Special Offer" guest lodging rate:  $135/per night/couple lodging (2 night minimum; plus 1x cleaning fee: $85).

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